:: 25/04/2012

United Kingdom - Cambridge white space trial successfully concluded

The Cambridge TV White Spaces Consortium has concluded its 10 month trial of various applications utilizing television white spaces.

The trial took place in the urban and rural areas around Cambridge, England. In these areas, 20 frequency channels (160 MHz) were available, of which the communications regulator Ofcom allowed the consortium to use 13 channels (104 megahertz).

Applications trialed on these channels included rural wireless broadband, urban pop-up coverage and "machine-to-machine" communication. Geolocation databases were used to determine which frequencies were available for use.

As a next step, the consortium recommends that Ofcom put in place the necessary regulatory framework to allow for the use of white spaces by unlicensed devices.

Members of the Cambridge TV White Spaces Consortium include: Adaptrum, Alcatel-Lucent, Arqiva, BBC, BSkyB, BT, Cambridge Consultants, CRFS, CSR, DTG, Microsoft Neul, Nokia, Samsung, Spectrum Bridge, The Technology Partnership, and Virgin Media.

Source: Microsoft website